Vertigrow Drainage Solution / Greenroof System Technical Specification

Vertigrow greenroof system supports intensive and extensive greenroof.

Intensive Greenroof

Extensive Greenroof

Vertigrow DrainCell (Model VG-30, VG-50)

Our Draincell is a modular drainage system designed to provide a permanent, structural and non-clogging void between the concrete slab and any soil layer that will not collapse or distort. The void or air pockets enables the continuous flow of water to designated drain outlets, resulting in superior drainage efficiency compared to conventional heavy weight gravel systems. It features high compressive strength to withstand heavy loads and is a low weight system reducing more than 90% of weight compared to gravel. There is also a 5:1 reduction in the drainage medium height enabling higher planting efficiency.

Our Draincell can be merged or interconnected to form large panels or long modules that can be positioned vertically or horizontally. It is easy to install and environmentally friendly.

VG30 Greenroof Drainage Philippine Made Draincell Versicell Geocell Plantercell

Technical Specification

VG-30 VG-50
Material Heavy Duty Polypropylene
Drainage Cell Height 30mm 30mm
Size 330mmx330mm 500mmx500mm
Weight 2.5kg / m2
Color Black
Compressive Strength 800kN/m2
Longitudinal Flow Capacity (cm3/s/cm) 30
Quantity / Square meter 9 4


  • Heavy Duty
  • Water Flow management
  • Lightweight
  • Sustainable
  • Quick Installation
  • Affordable
  • Integrates to other Vertigrow Products
  • Low Maintenance
  • Philippine Made
  • Extend the life of water proofing layer up to 2x (as green roof/greenroof)


  • Extensive green roof
  • Semi-Intensive Hybrid green roof
  • Intensive Green roof
  • Roof of buildings
  • Golf Courses / Sports Field
  • Landscaped decks & Planter boxes

Diagram of VG30 and VG50 Draincell

VG30 Draincell on Greenroofs
VG30 Draincell on Planter Boxes
VG30 Draincell on Retaining Walls
VG30 Draincell Sports Fields

Modular Planting tray (MP Tray)

Modular Planting tray (MP Tray) is a revolutionary greenroof and landscape tray system designed to be inter-connectable to each tray. It joins the drainage pipes and creates a seamless landscape that can accommodate human traffic. MP Tray is designed for extensive greenroof in mind.

The system can be pre-planted off site to accommodate space constraint areas and instantly creating a lush and low maintenance garden. It is equipped with a watertight water storage compartments to lessen irrigation needs.

MP Tray featuresMP Tray Plants

Diagram of MP Tray

MP Tray Layers

Technical Specification

Length (mm)535mm
Width (mm)360mm
Height (mm)161mm
Weight (g)1431g

Vertigrow Philippines VG-30 Draincell provide same drainage functionality as the likes of Singapore's Elmich versicell or Uniseal plantercell or Geoweb geocell.