Vertigrow Geotextile / Filter Fabric

Vertigrow fabric is a great way to limit the number of weeds growing in your garden. Also known as a "weed barrier" or "weed control fabric", landscape geotextile fabric prevents weed seeds from germinating and growing. Vertigrow geotextile is recommended for commercial landscape and the most affordable for landscapers.

Geotextile / Vertigrow Fabric
Geotextile / Vertigrow Fabric

Uses of Geotextile

  • Philippine Roads
  • Erosion Control
  • Drainage Support

Woven Geotextile

The woven geotextile fabric is manufactured with a process of weaving narrow strips of film together to form one large piece.

The benefit of woven underlayment is that it has a higher load capacity. This would be good for roads and bridges. The downfall of woven is it does not have as good of drainage characteristics as non-woven underlayment would.

Non- Woven Geotextile

These geotextiles are manufactured by bonding with needle punching, chemically, or heat, or by entangling fibres of plastic.

Its excellent filtration and drainage makes it ideal for pond underlayment, erosion control, separation fabric, and drainage fabric.

Property 100 GSM 150 GSM 250 GSM
Unit weight variation % -8 -8 -8
Thickness (mm) .9 1.3 2.1
Width Variation % -0.5 -0.5 -0.5
Breaking Strength kN/m 2.5 4.5 8.0
Breaking elongation % 25-100 25-100 25-100
CBR mullen burst strength kN 0.3 0.6 1.2
Seive Size 0.007-0.2 0.007-0.2 0.007-0.2
Tear Strength Kn 0.08 0.12 1.2
Roll Size 2m x 200m 2m x 200m 4m x 130m
Roll Square Meters 400 sqm 400 sqm 520 sqm

Vertigrow Philippines Geotextile / Filter Cloth provide same drainage functionality as the likes of ts10 ts20 ts30 ts60 tencate polyfelt