Stormwater Tank / Retention Tank / Detention Tank

In the Philippines, heavy rainfall and typhoon causes floods and polluted stormwater is generated. The increase in urban development in Metro Manila and major cities increases flood risk and overburdens existing drainage infrastructure.

Vertigrow Underground Rainwater Tank is the first in the Philippines to provide a modular water storage tank capable of storing rainwater, flood water while harvesting excess water. The system captures water from ground landscape areas, roof areas and percolated cement roads.

The tanks can be assembled on-site in different sizes to suit any site requirements, covered by a geotextile for filtering solution and geomembrane for waterproof layer to store water.

Stormwater Tank / Detention Tank / Retention Tank
Stormwater Tank / Detention Tank / Retention Tank
Stormwater Tank / Detention Tank / Retention Tank

Vertigrow Rainwater tank Applications

  • Underground Water Storage Tank
  • Retention Tank
  • Detention Tank
  • Infiltration Tank
  • Underground Horizontal Tank Solution
  • Flood control and solution
  • Percolating water into our underground wells

Vertigrow Rainwater tank Advantages

  • Rapid Construction
  • Cost Effective
  • Collect & save storm water runoff
  • Sustainable solution for controlling floods and Harvesting water
  • Modular Rainwater Tanks are installed underground preserving the look of your property.
  • It is an excellent source of water for landscape irrigation
  • It reduces soil erosion and Storm water run off and Flooding
  • Economical underground storage solution for larger volumes of water

Infiltration Tank

The Infiltration Tank system is to manage and capture stormwater and filtering the water before percolating it back to the underground water channels.

Retention Tank

Retention Tank is designed to harvest rainwater and stormwater and to retain the water rather than disposing it to the drain. The harvested rainwater can be used for irrigation purposes, washing cars and flushing toilets.

Stormwater Tank / Detention Tank / Retention Tank

Detention Tank

Detention Tank slows down the rain coming down the roof of establishments. Then tank fills with water during a storm event then slowly discharges into the drainage system.

Flood Tank

Flood Tank is designed to accommodate the surge of flood water and simultaneously percolating water to the ground and slowly releasing the water to the drainage system.

Stormwater Tank / Detention Tank / Retention Tank

Technical Specification

Stormwater Tank / Detention Tank / Retention Tank Installation
Material Heavy Duty Polypropylene
Tank Cell Length 500mm
Tank Cell Width 500mm
Tank Cell Height 560mm
Weight (.125 cbm) 7434g
Color Black

Vertigrow Philippines rainwater tank versitank Wavin Aquacell