Mulch Film Philippines

Vertigrow Mulch Film is a thin layer of film that is used as a weed barrier, to modify soil temperature, prevent moisture loss which saves water and greatly improve crop yield in agricultural farms.

Vertigrow Mulch Film Vertigrow Mulch Film

2 color technology Silver & Black - Special silver color reflects radiation and helps prevent overheating of crops, seedlings and fruits which enhances photosynthesis and repels pests. The Black Side prevents penetration of light and reduces weeds

2 color Mulch Film black and silver 2 color mulch film black and silver

Vertigrow Mulch film Benefits:

  • Weed Control
  • Water moisture Retention
  • Prevents too much heat from the sun
  • Repels and Prevents Pest infestation
  • Improved crop yield quantity and quality
  • Faster crop cycle
  • Reduce cost with fertlizers

with mulch, it is shorter time to harvest, increased yield and controls weeds

Agricultural Film Technical Specification

Thickness (microns)Size (meters)Recommended Crops
30 microns.75M x 400M Corn, Sweet Corn and single row crops
30 microns1M x 400MSili, Watermelon, Beans and all major crops
30 microns1.2M x 400MEggplant, Tomato, Strawberry, and all major vegetables
30 microns1.5M x 400MVine Crops, Melon, Squash and crops requiring large spaces

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