Geosynthetic Clay Liner Philippines

Vertigrow Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) is a bentonite composite sandwiched between two layers of geotextile, engineered for a variety of environmental containment applications. The geotextile offers a lasting resistance to physical or chemical break-down while the betonite's high swelling capacity and low permeability provides an effective water or hydraulic seal.

It is an efficient replacement for compacted clay soil and is easy to install using bentonite technology, when hydrated creates a waterproof layer that is long lasting and eco-friendly for the environment.


Vertigrow Clay liner layout


The key factor in the mining sector is to build tailing ponds and rehabilitation projects for environment compliance. Our products reduce leakage of contaminant materials from the mining zone to provide sustainability in the Philippine's mining sector.

Municipal and Provincial Landfills

Vertigrow Geosynthetic Clay Liner follows ASTM standards and adheres to international quality to qualify as waste containment

Aquaculture, Lagoons, Man-made Lakes, Fishing Ponds

Vertigrow GCL have very low permeability rate and high shear strength to provide the best base for water reservoirs and water containment

Highway and Civil works, Waterproofing

The natural sodium bentonite clay acts as the hydraulic barrier preventing water seepage

Vertigrow Geoweb

Technical Specification

Weight 4000g to 6000g
Size 5.8m x 30m

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Vertigrow Philippines Geosynthetic Clay Liner provide same functionality as the likes of elcoseal