Vertigrow Drainage Solution / Green Roof System 101

In the Philippines, the traditional or conventional way of doing landscaping on Roof decks, Living roofs, Green roofs, Planter boxes and other landscape system is using heavy weight gravel/stones and perforated pipe with holes and geotextile. This technique requires architects and building developers to add extra structure support for the gravel weight. It also reduces the aethetic design of plants by the landscape architect due to vertical height limitation. The installation of the old system takes time and causes flood overtime due to the gravels uneven proportion.

Our VG-30 Draincell is a drainage solution to your landscaping needs. It provides clean flowing drainage and an easier way of installing in buildings and residential lots. Below is how to use VG-30 Draincell

Drainage cell on top is Geotextile and substrate Draincell

Step by Step Installation

1. Prepare the site for drainage cell installation

Prepare the Greenroof area

2. Place the VG-30 Draincell over the surface of the site. Cut the draincell where is it required using a hand or circular saw. You can install the draincell vertically to the walls of the planter boxes for a better water flow.

Place the vg30 draincell into the green roof

3. Place the Geotextile or filter fabric over the draincell allowing 150mm overlap at each seam. Allow for additional fabric to cushion the edges of the draincell around the perimeter of the waterproof membrane or walls.

Green roof geotextile to the drain cell

4. Cover the area with good substrate. We do not recommend pure soil since this will compact overtime. Choosing the right substrate will lead to a more successful garden.

green roof substrate mix

5. Plant your turf or trees into the green roof.

green roof ready for planting

Benefits of having green roof / greens in our surroundings

  • Cleans our air
  • Extends the life of the waterproofing layer since it is not exposed to sun. Green roofs insulates the waterproofing from intense heat.
  • Cools the surroundings. Trees provide shade to surroundings (Intensive Green roof)
  • Insulates the building thus reducing electricity bills
  • Studies shows that Greens makes people happy
  • Increased value of property. People like having greens and Green roof / green roof makes it possible in ubran settings.
  • Mitigation of Stormwater
  • Bringing nature back again, Green roof makes this possible.
  • LEED points