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Vertigrow Geomembranes are impermeable geosynthetics that were mainly used as canal and pond liners but due to the advancement in our technology it has expanded the applications to include wastewater treatment lagoons, landfills, aquaculture and irrigation ponds.

Produced from high density polyethylene resin with carbon black antioxidant properties and UV- Resistant materials which exhibit impermeable and ultraviolet resistance.

Vertigrow Geomembrane Vertigrow Geomembrane Vertigrow Geomembrane Vertigrow Geomembrane

Vertigrow Geomembrane Applications

  • Aquaculture
  • Landfill
  • Water Treatment System
  • Mining
  • Environment protection and sanitation
  • Water conservancy
  • Landscaping
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Agriculture, and etc.

Vertigrow Geomembrane Installation

HDPE Liner Placement

  1. No vehicular traffic shall travel on the geomembrane other than an approved low ground pressure vehicle or equivalent.
  2. Postion Geomembrane on the anchor trench and unroll the geomembrane along surface of the area.
  3. Sandbags or equivalent ballast shall be used as necessary to temporarily hold the geomembrane material in position under the reasonably expected wind conditions.
  4. The geomembrane shall not be allowed to connect between voids or low areas in the subgrade. The geomembrane shall rest in intimate contact with the sub-grade.
  5. Wrinkles caused by panel placement or thermal expansion should be minimized.

HDPE Liner Seaming Method

  1. Seaming of geomembrane must be strictly at 6 am - 10 am in the morning, and 6 pm - onwards at night. To prevent geomembrane and machine to overheat.
  2. Prior to seaming, the geomembrane shall be overlapped a minimum of 100 to 150 mm for fusion welding. The area shall be prepared by wiping the area with a clean dry cloth to remove any ufamiliar matter. (If the welder is interrupted during the seaming process, the area affected shall be marked and repaired.)
  3. For patching seaming and repairs, patched geomembrane must be seamed using hot-air gun first, and use grinder to roughen the membrane. Extrude the patch area and wipe with wet cloth for it to seam immediately.


  1. The anchor trenches shall be kept well drained to avoid softening during rain periods and maintained so as to not dry and crack.
  2. Once the anchor trench is ready to be backfilled, it shall be backfilled in early morning when the geomembrane is at maximum contraction.

Buoyancy Prevention

  1. Prior to installation of Geomembrane. After excavation, Install 6" dia perforated pipes (wrapped in geotextile) underneath the surface of the area, to avoid buoyancy problems. Perforated pipes are laid with the margin of 3 meters and spacing every 5 meters, and length all the way upward to the sides. Outlet pipes will be located on the trench drain.

Available Geomembrane Machines

Double Wedge Welder
Welding speed:0.5~5m/min
The temperature of Heating up: 0~450℃
The thickness of welding material: 0.75mm~3.0mm
Welding width:15mmx2
Interior Cavity:15mm
Seam strength >= 85% base material
Overlap width:12cm
Insulation class:class II

Geomembrane single wedge welder
800w Geomembrane Single wedge Welder Voltage: 230v
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power: 800W
Welding speed: 0.5-5m/min
Heating temperature: 0-450℃
Thickness of material to be welded: 0.2mm-1.5mm
Overlap width: 10cm
Welding width: 12.5mm x 2
Interior cavity 12mm
Seam strength: >=85% base material
(tensile resistant in shear direction)
Weight: 5Kg
Insulation class: class II

Hand Extruder for Geomembrane
Hand Extruder,
Metabo motor,
800w welding rod heater and
1600w heating blower
Voltage: 230V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Extruding Power:Drive Motor 1300W
Hot air drive power:1600W
Welding rod heating power: 800W
Wind Temperature: 20-620℃
Heating temperature while plastic extruding:200-380℃
Welding speed: 2kg/h-2.5kg/h
Diameter of Welding Rod: ⌀ 3.0mm-4.0mm

Small Handle type hot air welding gun
Small handle Type:1600w
hot air welding gun
Voltage: 230v
Temperature:20-600℃ steplessly adjustable
Air volume:Max 180L/Min
Air pressure: 2600Pa
Noise level:Less than 65 dB

HDPE Welding ROD
HDPE WELDING ROD Diameter: 4.0mm
Weight: 7kg/roll

Technical Specification

Thickness.75mm 1.0mm 1.5mm 2.0mm
Yield Strength 11 kN/m15 kN/m22 kN/m29 kN/m
Break Strength 20 kN/m 27 kN/m 40 kN/m53 kN/m
Tear Resistance93N125N187N 249N
Puncture Resistance240N320N480N640N

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