Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) Philippines

In line with our current sustainable green technologies, we are now offering flexible solutions in wastewater treatment of domestic and industrial facilities. We offer customized modular treatment systems and retrofit solution catering specifically to a client's specific needs to meet the DENR DAO 2016-08 standards, ensuring a future proofed system providing the optimal effluent quality that complies with the latest General Effluent Standards for domestic households, dormitories, restaurants, universities, hotels, resorts, subdivisions and industrial facilities for factories, hospitals, agricultural farms, chemical related plants and mining industry.

Fines, Damages and Penalties

Fines of Php 10,000.00 to Php 200,000.00 for every day of violation; upon PAB recommendation ) Rates to be increased 10% every 2 years

Closure, suspension of developement or construction or cessation of operations, upon PAB recommendation;

2 to 4 years of imprisonment for failture to clean up and Php 50,000.00 to Php 100,000.00 for every day of violation.


A very reliable and efficient system using activated sludge as the primary, natural and biological way of sewage/wastewater treatment without the need for excess chemical addition. This system is self sustaining and more stable than Advanced Oxidation Process Systems (AOP). Learn more about STP



An advanced treatment process of utilizing Ozone (one of the most powerful oxidizing agent) to create hydroxyl radicals that reacts and destroy complex organic and inorganic compounds present in sewage/wastewater with minimal sludge formation. This system tends to clean wastewater faster, at the expense of self-sustenance. Maintenance should be supervised more stringently to prevent short circuiting the entire system garnering it eventually unable to process the sewage system. But in some industrial cases, this would be the recommended system to offer. Learn more about STP



A combination of biological treatment and effective physical separation, utilizing a very reliable activated sludge process as the primary biological treatment method to effectively treat sewage/wastewater. Integrated with membrane separation to effectively siphon out treated water, ensuring 100% removal of all unwanted organic and inorganic compounds with the least amount of equipment footprint.

Membrane technology has leaped generations ahead from the initial offerings, making it a more and more viable and cost effective wastewater treatment solution. Learn more about STP

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