Grass Pavers / Gravel Pavers Philippines

Vertigrow GP-30 provides a high performing alternative to traditional paving methods. Creating a strong and durable gravel surface that holds the gravel in place that support heavy vehicles. GP-30 maintain the permeable surface areas, eliminating or reducing stormwater runoff. It also serves as slope stabilization and erosion control measure.

gravel pavers Gravel without pavers Gravel with pavers
  Gravel without Pavers Gravel with Pavers

Vertigrow GP-30 is a heavy duty grass stabilization paver for walking, vehicle access or parking. It is designed to protect the roots of the turf from foot and vehicular traffic. Our unique design allows the grass roots to spread along the connectable pavers that prevents root compaction and allows healthy grass growth.

gravel pavers Grass without pavers Grass with pavers
  Grass without Pavers Grass with Pavers

Diagram of GP-30 Grass Cell/Gravel Cell

gravel pavers how to install.

Technical Specification

Size(mm) 336 x 346
Height (mm) 40
Weight (g) 510
Color Black/Green
Material HDPE

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